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"What are you doing?"
"What does it looks like I'm doing? I'm trying to... argh... see if I can... oww...  get to the roof... bloody nail... from this window."
"But does it have to be the window that's facing the street?"
"Think of it as advertisement!"

"Look Bob, Darren's up to something again."
"I've been tellin' ya: if ya need somethin' done hire Darren. He'll get it done and for cheap! Unlike the rest of 'em cut-throats down at the docks."
"Didn't ya say the same 'bout Mad Mort yesterday?"

"My god, Martha, what is this city coming to? First people climbing out of windows and now beggars fighting in the middle of the street! Where's the watch when you need them?"
"I'm telling you, dear, it all because of the pollen."
"You're probably right, dear."

"All right, you proved that you can get to the roof. Can you come down now? People are starting to gather."
"Say... are these yours?"
"How did they...For god's sake give me those!"
"I didn't know you were into such things."
"Quiet! Down. Now!"

"Hey Darren, have you seen my brother?"
"He's in a bit of a bad mood right now. Better leave him be."
"What happened to your cheek?"
"Oh this? I was climbing on to the roof."
"So you actually managed it!"
"Told you I'd do it."
This idea came from :icondavesideswide:. But since I had so much fun writing the first...saga that I just had to write more. So I ended up with 5 loosely connected sagas, each one 50 words long.
Feedback is appreciated!
stevecook23 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011
So glad someone else took up the challenge! And in such style too :D Hope you enjoyed it!
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